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libpixyusb-0.4 API Reference


libpixyusb is an open source library that allows you to communicate with Pixy over the USB protocol.

This documentation is aimed at application developers wishing to send commands to Pixy or read sensor data from Pixy.

Library features


Required to build:

Required for runtime:

Getting Started

The libpixyusb API reference documentation can be found here:

libpixyusb API Reference

Some tutorials that use libpixyusb can be found here:

Hooking up Pixy to a Raspberry Pi

Hooking up Pixy to a BeagleBone Black

Getting Help

Tutorials, walkthroughs, and more are available on the Pixy wiki page:

Pixy Developer Wiki Page

Our friendly developers and users might be able to answer your question on the forums:

Pixy Software Discussion Forum

Pixy Hardware Discussion Forum